New Day, New Level, New UI

December 1, 2008

So i got bored very easily with my previous UI and there were some things about it that bugged me.

With the new level, new spec, new day, i created a new UI.


Sickdk UI R002

Sickdk UI R002

The reasons i went with this layout are as follows;

1. I have used “Grid” for party and raid, and positioned it centrall, this is because im also leveling a holy priest and it works best for healing.

2. I have positioned information to best suit leveling both a healer and Tank (as i do)

3. I needed more buttons, unlike alot of users i tend to like the buttons just incase i need to click.

I have uploaded the Interface/WTF folders and created all the profiles required in the addons (profile = sickdk). If you have any troubles installing or you wish to just leave a comment i would like that.


Some more pics;