New Day, New Level, New UI

December 1, 2008

So i got bored very easily with my previous UI and there were some things about it that bugged me.

With the new level, new spec, new day, i created a new UI.


Sickdk UI R002

Sickdk UI R002

The reasons i went with this layout are as follows;

1. I have used “Grid” for party and raid, and positioned it centrall, this is because im also leveling a holy priest and it works best for healing.

2. I have positioned information to best suit leveling both a healer and Tank (as i do)

3. I needed more buttons, unlike alot of users i tend to like the buttons just incase i need to click.

I have uploaded the Interface/WTF folders and created all the profiles required in the addons (profile = sickdk). If you have any troubles installing or you wish to just leave a comment i would like that.


Some more pics;


Sickdk UI Rev 001.2

November 24, 2008

For all you UI addicts out there I have made minor updates to Sickdk UI, Download Here

Updates incl;

1. Cartographer

2. All known mining nodes for Cart

3. Combat Log

4. Chat control now Prat

5. Rune’s controlled by Magicrunes

6. Pitbull adjusted

7. Small mods added for, sell value, bulk mail

I hope you all enjoy it, please leave me some feed back.

Monday Report!

November 24, 2008

Leveling has been a dream run with the boosted XP gain and i have been able to go a total 11 levels in a week. It is remarkable to watch how quickly a Death Knight kills and levels. I have no down time between kills and easily do the Group quests solo at the end of each leveling area.


I’m starting to put together a comprehensive amount of material for level 80 theory crafting. My next post will be on gear/spec/abilities for a Death Knight at Level 80.

Death Knight UI..

November 19, 2008

Well as you can read i have rerolled DK and because of this I have decided i would do a complete UI transition as well.

I liked so I decided I would try and make it my own. 

I have started with the basics and will continue to update it over the next week or so. The format is for (1440×900 widescreen, scale 0.74) widescreen. Download Here

Edit: Download Rev Sickdk R001.1, minor errors fixed with regards to chat frame.


To show Omen and Buff CD

To show Omen and Buff CD


In combat

In combat