I’m Back……. Ready to get to 80

December 28, 2008

I'm Back

Sorry for the unexplained absence but I had a very hectic time prior to christmas with work and family things that i have not had he time to devote myself to my blog or my wow time.

But if you are here then 2009 is going to be a beautiful year. I will finish my Death Knight to 80 and then work on my priest as I gear my Death Knight.

I know that I’m now a long way behind but hey I’m a hardcore Raider gone casual and it just feels weird, but at least the wife is happy.

I will place some of my draft posts over the next couple of days but a quick note on what I have in store is; Two Hand or Duel Wield a review of mechanics and pro n cons, Glyphs – the good the bad and the ugly, Tanking – pointers for the non tanks.

Talk to you all soon.


Sickdk UI Rev 001.2

November 24, 2008

For all you UI addicts out there I have made minor updates to Sickdk UI, Download Here

Updates incl;

1. Cartographer

2. All known mining nodes for Cart

3. Combat Log

4. Chat control now Prat

5. Rune’s controlled by Magicrunes

6. Pitbull adjusted

7. Small mods added for, sell value, bulk mail

I hope you all enjoy it, please leave me some feed back.

Monday Report!

November 24, 2008

Leveling has been a dream run with the boosted XP gain and i have been able to go a total 11 levels in a week. It is remarkable to watch how quickly a Death Knight kills and levels. I have no down time between kills and easily do the Group quests solo at the end of each leveling area.


I’m starting to put together a comprehensive amount of material for level 80 theory crafting. My next post will be on gear/spec/abilities for a Death Knight at Level 80.

I lost my Death Knight Virginity!

November 17, 2008

As promised I will be making a few posts today regarding the Death Knight and my experience’s in rerolling and leveling.


My Death Knight, Sickdk, is a female Dreani. I chose the Dreani becuase i like the look and action sequence of them. I have previously played Gnome and Dwarf characters and found them excellent but wanted a HOT for leveling and tanking purposes.

So the start zone is a very nicely constructed area that has a great quest sequence that makes the first 3 levels disappear in a very short time. As previously noted I’m following http://www.wow-pro.com/#mce_temp_url# which is an excellent guide.

The 58-60 leveling also takes only a short period of time and should be done in Vanilla wow to fully maximise your time in TBC. 

So Sickdk sits at lvl 61 on her way to 62.

WOTLK Lazyness!!

October 1, 2008

Well it has begun, I was around for it before TBC and it has now seriously begun to happen on Blackrock. As an older realm i know it was coming but i thought that with the TBC experience people would be looking to explore the World of Warcraft before beginning the long drive to 80. 


Sickone ( Guild Chat) “NO!! 2 Hours to find a healer for H MGT and even longer to find enough to blitz Kara before the reset last night”.


So i stand here as a semi well geared tank looking for a grave to lay-in so i can awate the LFM Tank in trade chat come 13 November 2008.




September 1, 2008

Hi Guys/Gals, 

First Sword n Board post, i thought i would start of by introducing myself and giving you a run down on my experience in World of Warcraft and my objectives for the Blog.

Objectives: An informative Blog on all things to do with my main wow character “Sickone”. Sickone is a Gnome Warrior (Protection Spec) based on Blackrock (A) server. I have been playing Sickone since the release of TBC.

Experience: As a member of a BT guild i have tanked the following; Heroic instances, Kara, ZA, SSC, TK, Hyjal and BT (up to Hydross). I level this character as fury (until lvl 60) then leveled through Outlands as a protection spec warrior. I actively engage in discussion on the best way to tank and am always looking to improve my abilities.

So i hope that i can offer you readers a interesting and fun time here on Sword n Board….