I’m Back……. Ready to get to 80

I'm Back

Sorry for the unexplained absence but I had a very hectic time prior to christmas with work and family things that i have not had he time to devote myself to my blog or my wow time.

But if you are here then 2009 is going to be a beautiful year. I will finish my Death Knight to 80 and then work on my priest as I gear my Death Knight.

I know that I’m now a long way behind but hey I’m a hardcore Raider gone casual and it just feels weird, but at least the wife is happy.

I will place some of my draft posts over the next couple of days but a quick note on what I have in store is; Two Hand or Duel Wield a review of mechanics and pro n cons, Glyphs – the good the bad and the ugly, Tanking – pointers for the non tanks.

Talk to you all soon.


One Response to I’m Back……. Ready to get to 80

  1. Cait says:

    “Tanking – pointers for the non tanks” This would be an interesting post. If you ever come back, I’d like to read what you’ve got in store for us! (Just found ya recently)

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