Death Knight UI..

Well as you can read i have rerolled DK and because of this I have decided i would do a complete UI transition as well.

I liked so I decided I would try and make it my own. 

I have started with the basics and will continue to update it over the next week or so. The format is for (1440×900 widescreen, scale 0.74) widescreen. Download Here

Edit: Download Rev Sickdk R001.1, minor errors fixed with regards to chat frame.


To show Omen and Buff CD

To show Omen and Buff CD


In combat

In combat


28 Responses to Death Knight UI..

  1. MK says:

    That is awesome! Thanks for making that. I’ll go link you from my post.

  2. preistiality says:

    NP, it was a pleasure. I also changed your eepanels to KG panels and if you look at the usage its at 9 MB. Give it a try.

    I still have aloft, Combat Text, Cart, Mining, Auctioneer, Raid frames, and combat log to fix but shouldn’t take to long.


  3. taeyeon says:

    really like this UI. only thing that sucks is im going to pretty much use it as an identical base but i have to up the scale quite a bit. i play on 1920×1200 so thats gonna be some work lol -_-
    also gotta get it to work with both my mage (main) and new dk.

  4. preistiality says:

    The UI scales very well i use it on 1600×1050 at home and had no real problem changing the scale.

    Enjoy, if you need any help let me know and i should be able to do something.

  5. taeyeon says:

    is aloft what you use for the dogtag things when you hit V?

    would be nice to get one that looks just like the pitbull frames instead of the default bliz ugly rounded things.

    if you dont already use it i recommend hitsmode for combat log, its gorgeous.. been using it since way back in BWL and AQ days =)

  6. preistiality says:

    Yes that is my plan with aloft (currently in progress)

    Thnx for the tip on the combat log, will try it out.

  7. taeyeon says:

    redid the scale at home, after playing with it for about an hour or so i had to switch back to my old setup. i think its the way the buffs/debuffs are done in yours i dont like, and the minimap at the bottom. i’ll try putting in my SatrinaBuffs in with your setup and see if i like how it goes then. =] its still a great setup im just so used to my own style hehe

    p.s did you like HitsMode?

  8. preistiality says:

    Yeah “Hits” is good stuff, run a little with it yesterday. Working on Aloft and hits setup now.

    For buffs/debuffs, you can completely wipe buffalo by going into WTF/account/savedvariable/buffalo.lua and deleting it. This will let you start again with your own setup.

    Hope you enjoy it, post a pic?

  9. taeyeon says:

    heres mine on my mage.. its huge lol

  10. Andreas says:

    This ui looks just badass. I would really enjoy testing this out! But in the otherhand is it hard to set out everything ect? And i have played wow for over 3 years but addons aint my thing ;<. I would like to know if its easy fixt or if it takes you some h to fix it “correclty”?

    Take care


  11. Andreas says:

    Okey im here again, rofl anyone wanna help me out with the “pitbull” mine is way diffrent then the ones on the pics ect. And i have no ide wut to do :<

  12. preistiality says:

    Ok did you copy the Fonts/Interface/WTF folders into you wow folder?
    2nd, did you rename ACCOUNTNAME/REALM/CHARACTER to your details?

    If you did both those properly the go into pitbull, /pitbull go to profiles and click on Sickdk Chromaggus, if you still have no luck, email me a pic and ill fix it for you.


  13. Andreas says:

    Well i went into pitbull and changed everything, it nearly like it but still not the same ;<

    Well the noob way i did it was – removed my wtf/interface/fonts and copyd the other ones in. THO when i winrar it (Useing wizard to open) i get two diffrent addon set up one named : _MACOSX and one Sickdk UI R001.2. Ofc i took the Sickdk.
    But in my way of seeing it. Will there be any diffrent by renameing the WTF Folder too my accountname, server name ect. And then put it in? then just put it in and it fixes it auto?

    Or is there anyohter way i should go? (sence there is a really big diffrens on my pitbull and “yours”. Its close but im not so happy about it.

  14. preistiality says:

    yes renaming the folders will make a big dif for you.

    IF your still having problems let me know.



  15. Dave says:

    Totally awesome UI, same resolution that I use even – but completely does not work. My buttons are all clumped up in the center of the screen. Under the Profiles in pitbull, all I get are my name and some Beska of Venture Co for options – neither one changes anything. /sigh The search continues!

  16. Terraxes says:

    Hi! I had one quick question on your UI – how do I move the Runes display? Currently, they are not appearing over the pitbull player frame on my wife’s DK. Instead, the runes are floating up somewhere on the top left of the screen. I run a different resolution than you (1920×1200), but I can’t figure out which mod is controlling the placement of those runes and how to move them. Is it pitbull? Or another mod?

  17. preistiality says:

    pitbull is broked with regards to Runes, download magic rune and change its default setup its a nice addon.

    With regards to the profiles and rez Dave, i look into that for you mate. I’ll get it working perfectly for you, even if i have to write an install script.


  18. Andreas says:

    Thanks Preistiality, i´ll try that out today 🙂 Thanks for the fast answerings!

  19. Andreas says:

    Works perfect now! Thanks ;>
    But one question. What addon is the one that are cowering the bars? Is it eepanels?

  20. Deathslinger says:

    It took a full day of playing around but I finally got this working and am extremely pleased with it. I’ve played around with a few UI overhauls before but everything is always too bloated. This is such a simple and beautiful interface. Hopefully Dwarf Priest will share more of what he does with his interface so I can learn from him as he discovers new and better ways to do things.

  21. preistiality says:

    Andreas, on November 28th, 2008 at 4:16 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Works perfect now! Thanks ;>
    But one question. What addon is the one that are cowering the bars? Is it eepanels?

    This would be KG Panels, its much better

  22. Wrenzo says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for all of the work on gathering this together. I have a question though. I’ve copied everything over and here’s how it looks: I’ve opened up /pitbull and I don’t see an option to copy over Chromaggus > Sickdk. Is there something that I’m missing?

    Thanks again!

  23. preistiality says:

    sorry guys i have not updated the profiles in pitbull yet, i will endeavor to do that this weekend.

    I will also finish all updates on any addons.

  24. preistiality says:

    Wrenzo, pitbull appears fine however you need to update bartender 4

  25. efmartin says:

    Having difficulties with the kgpanels and getting the bottom black bar to show up.

    Also struggling with getting the “big picture”. If I work on these addons one at a time, where should I start? Is there a preferred order?

    Thanks for all your efforts with providing us this UI!

  26. Nic says:

    Well, this is great. But I cant seem to move the target and player bar anywhere. And also I cant seem to get the background of the bars black.

    Would really appreciate the help!

  27. Catori says:

    Thank you so much for this!!! I was trying to piecemeal this together for hours…. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!

  28. Nox says:

    Hi, im getting problems with this and have done with pitbull on my DK, and its kinda annoying does any1 know why my runes stay in the top left of screen?

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