I lost my Death Knight Virginity!

As promised I will be making a few posts today regarding the Death Knight and my experience’s in rerolling and leveling.


My Death Knight, Sickdk, is a female Dreani. I chose the Dreani becuase i like the look and action sequence of them. I have previously played Gnome and Dwarf characters and found them excellent but wanted a HOT for leveling and tanking purposes.

So the start zone is a very nicely constructed area that has a great quest sequence that makes the first 3 levels disappear in a very short time. As previously noted I’m following http://www.wow-pro.com/#mce_temp_url# which is an excellent guide.

The 58-60 leveling also takes only a short period of time and should be done in Vanilla wow to fully maximise your time in TBC. 

So Sickdk sits at lvl 61 on her way to 62.


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