Come Here my Kitties!


How to AoE with a Death Knight

The following video shows how to gather a bunch of mobs and how to AoE it down with a Death Knight. This was done with a level 61 Death Knight, specced Unholy: 0/0/52. However, it’s pretty much the same for other specs, besides you won’t have the ghoul and unholy blight.

Basically, grab a bunch of mobs:

  1. Use Icy Touch and/or Death coil to pull melee types to you
  2. Use Death Grip and/or Strangulate to pull caster types to you
  3. Once everything is nicely bunched up, use Icy Touch > Plague Strike > Pestilence > Blood Boil

And then simply pick the one with the highest HP (Turning name plates on helps) and Death Strike it. Keep targeting the one with the highest HP and Death Strike it, until it’s over. You can replace Death Strike by another ability (Scourge Strike, Obliterate, etc) if you don’t need healing at this point.
Once your blood runes are up again, use Blood Boil twice and everything should be dead, with you at nearly full HP.


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