Step it Up!!

Step 2 in DK Creation

Like me you have decided to create a DK. 

Step 2 in the creation process is ensuring your in a position to maximze your leveling speed. For this I highly recommend the following guide.

Jame’s Death Knight Leveling Guide

From this Guide you will see that there is alot of pre WOTLK farming to do so that you can power through the levels and into Northrend.

A snap shot of what you need:


Having a lot of bag space is really important. We will go for long xp circuits far from any vendor. You should try to get 18-slot bags, which can be bought from the AH for about 40g. If you can’t afford it, then at least get 16-slot bags, they go for 7g at the AH.

Light’s Hope Chapel Turn Ins

  1. 30 Crypt Fiend Part for [60] Cryptstalker Armor Doesn’t Make Itself… – Needed at Level 59
  2. 30 Core Of Element for [60] The Elemental Equation – Needed at Level 59
  3. 30 Dark Iron Scrap for [60] Binding The Dreadnaught – Needed at Level 59
  4. 30 Savage Frond for [60] Savage Flora – Needed at Level 59

Cloth Donations

  1. 300 Wool Cloth – Needed at Level 58 and 60
  2. 300 Silk Cloth – Needed at Level 58 and 60
  3. 300 Mageweave Cloth – Needed at Level 58 and 60
  4. 300 Runecloth – Needed at Level 58 and 60

Aldor Turn ins

  1. Dampscale Basilisk Eye for [65] Voren’thal’s Visions – Needed at level 64

Now where to get this stuff

I can advise that this doesn’t take to long to put together, my warrior and I got it over the course of about 5 hrs of game play.

Well thats all the pre WOTLK info that im going to spout. You will here from me again on monday when I run through what i hope to be 5 levels.


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