Week 1!!

October 20, 2008

Well nearly a full week has passed with the new talents and i have to say that i love my prot warrior more than i ever have. I feel more over powered than i did smacking wolves at level 1. It feels like we have a role and a purpose now and there is no encounter that cannot be done.




A quick comment on a few of the talents that i have taken.

Shockwave: This is an outstanding talent in its current form, when used well it can garantee that those OP Ret pallies dont pull aggro. I have also found that it is unbelievable in ZA. Running ZA with another warrior we rotated Shockwave to just about lock down flame casters and do a 4 chest run with no troubles.

Vigilance: Just a nice one to have, i generally have been spreading this around from DPS to Healers depending on the fight. Would like to see some theory on the threat transfer.

Warbringer: Like shockwave this is a god sent talent, I love to grab 2-3 targets TC, Cleave, Shockwave, select another 2 Charge, repeat. Its so easy to chain pull. This single talent has allowed me to run with 4 shaman (Resto, Ele, Ele, Ench) a 21min H Ramps (will video next run).

Other than those three the others are about DPS. Threat has gone out the window and its all about DPS. The best place to test your ability to hold onto a target is H BM, i found that this instance is the best single target threat test. Its 25mins max per run and your can really see how your multi mob and single threat is.


Heroic Instances: Simple, A Joke!. You can now do any H Instance with no troubles. Some like ramps take mins, other like H Shat Halls take a little longer but nothing over an hour. Enjoy your badge farming like never before and don’t not do an instance because you couldn’t before try them again you will be surprised.

Kara: Enjoyable, this is what I found this week in Kara. I have been running Kara on my 3 level 70’s for close to 8 months now and i can say i was sick on the place. But now you don’t stop from start to finish. I ran it with a Pally OT and we chain pulled like you have never seen, 3 each at a time, 1 healer each and 3 dps each, it was like a 5man Kara. Fun.

ZA: Same as Kara, fun. You will still need well geared payers to complete the timed event however you will be able to enjoy this Raid if you wish to take your time. 

T5 and T6: These raids are the same as previously its just allot more controlled and you will have the ability to tank with a more effective threat generation. However holding aggro is much more of a difficult task as the DPS classes are more OP than ever.


To me this is where warriors should have always been. We are the tanking class of choice and thus we should always be a viable option for any encouter or situation. I remember trying to get gear from ZA and not being able to OT as a pally was always need for specific situations. Now with the balance that has been introduced Tanking is a much more rounded and fun experience.

Damn mods got screwed over, lol. Back to plain old Blizz UI…..

Can’t wait for Week 2!!




Patch Day!!

October 15, 2008

Quick comment, LOVE IT, prot DPS ftw.


Detailed post to come.

My WOTLK thoughts

October 2, 2008

Well, after my previous post on the onset of WOTLK Lazyness i thought that i better run through what i am planning and what i think of the current new abilities and talents.

Sorry, i know everyone is doing this but i want to offer my opinion, flame me if you want, but expect a bitch slap back.


First Thoughts;

Spec, I will always be prot so here is my Day 1 level 70 respec;


Level 80 Spec;




Arms Tree;

Deflection needs no explanation and is a must have. Improved Charged is taken because the new talent Warbringer will give me another intercept and also allow me to chain pull and instant Shield Slam with  the extra rage. Combined with Vigiliance it is a nice way for your healer to be protected beyond belief.

Fury Tree;

Cruelty, a good talent for extra crit chance.

Protection Tree;

Shield Specialization, mitigation, increase’s block chance and gens rage from blocks, i feel its a must have. 

Imp Thunder Clap, now revised from traditional Imp Thunder Clap, to only do an increase in dmg by 30%. However, this skill now scales with AP and has no limit on targets. So any increase in TC dmg will increase its threat.

Inicite, very high increase in crit % for particular skills (got a feeling it will be nerfed to 5/10 in live) generally can’t pass it.

Anticipation. same as always, must have for mitigation.

Last Stand, ow shit!! skill, no more needs to be said.

Imp Revenge, i personally swing between this and imp Heroic strike, this will be the last 2 points spent.

Shield Mastery, increases block chance by 30%, cool talent for mitigation, i like it as it also reduces the Shield block CD by 20secs which means 100% blocking twice as often.

Toughness, same as before must have for Effective HP.

Imp Spell Reflect, i like the modifications to this talent and with it max’d out your party will reflect the first spell cast which will give you a good way to start on casters. I would charge, TC, Spell Reflect, then go multi  tanking from there.

Puncture, must have

Concussion Blow, i like it, and i need it for vigilance. You could skip it but i like it.

One handed weapon, speaks for itself.

Imp Defensive Stance, i like it to reduce spell dmg from casters, but also the old increase in melee dmg is nice. again some people will not pick it up and others will (one talent i would like feed back on).

Vigilance, again i like it as either a ow shit!! talent or a buff on a healer for additional safety and threat.

Focus Rage and Vitality, nothing to be said get them!!

Warbringer, i love the idea and it means a nice charge for prot warriors without rage loss, i also see this as a 2nd intervene. Or a beautiful charge pop trinkes shield slam, conc, hamstring and spank.

Devestate, needed

Critical Block, i see this as a must have and ill go into further detail as this talent is the topic of my next WOTLK post.

Sword n Board, Blog Title, no need for explanation from me, flame me please but i like the sound of this, esp for Prot PVP trinket syncing.

Damage Shield, i like the paladin ret aura and this provides something similar, Combined with a good shield spike this will allow some nice multi mob tanking

Shockwave, thankyou dev’s. 


Well they are my thoughts on my spec and the talents. Please comment and add what you think as this is about the players and their opinions.

WOTLK Lazyness!!

October 1, 2008

Well it has begun, I was around for it before TBC and it has now seriously begun to happen on Blackrock. As an older realm i know it was coming but i thought that with the TBC experience people would be looking to explore the World of Warcraft before beginning the long drive to 80. 


Sickone ( Guild Chat) “NO!! 2 Hours to find a healer for H MGT and even longer to find enough to blitz Kara before the reset last night”.


So i stand here as a semi well geared tank looking for a grave to lay-in so i can awate the LFM Tank in trade chat come 13 November 2008.