September 1, 2008

Hi Guys/Gals, 

First Sword n Board post, i thought i would start of by introducing myself and giving you a run down on my experience in World of Warcraft and my objectives for the Blog.

Objectives: An informative Blog on all things to do with my main wow character “Sickone”. Sickone is a Gnome Warrior (Protection Spec) based on Blackrock (A) server. I have been playing Sickone since the release of TBC.

Experience: As a member of a BT guild i have tanked the following; Heroic instances, Kara, ZA, SSC, TK, Hyjal and BT (up to Hydross). I level this character as fury (until lvl 60) then leveled through Outlands as a protection spec warrior. I actively engage in discussion on the best way to tank and am always looking to improve my abilities.

So i hope that i can offer you readers a interesting and fun time here on Sword n Board….